How is the Association managed?

The Pointe at Dale Hollow Owners Association is currently under Developer Control.  DH Development LLC is the Declarant and Developer of the Property.  The Developer Hired HOA Management Inc. to Manage the Association and provide the administrative, accounting and maintenance services for the common areas.  Hope Key is the On-Site Manager of the Property.  The Association will be turned over to the Members after all the lots are sold.

What is the Contact Information for the Management Company?

HOA Management Inc.

120 Suburban Road STE 103

Knoxville, TN  37923

Phone Number:865-558-3030

Account Manager:  Kimber Ammerata kimber@hoamanagementcorp.com

Company Website:  www.hoamanagementcorp.com

Can the Clubhouse be used for personal/private events?

Yes, so long as the use is non-profit and the Pointe at Dale Hollow resident reserves the use through of the Clubhouse and attends the function.  Contact Hope Key at 931-445-4218 or complete the Clubhouse Reservation Form on the Website to reserve the Clubhouse.  There is a $100.00 Damage Deposit and a $60.00 Cleaning Fee required before the Reservation is confirmed.  The Clubhouse must be left in properly clean condition and undamaged for the $100.00 Damage Deposit to be returned.

The Clubhouse can not be reserved for personal/private events on New Year’s Eve & Day, Thanksgiving, and/or Christmas Eve & Day.

The pool and its surrounding area can never be reserved for personal/private events.

Minors under the age of 14 unaccompanied by a responsible adult (at least 18 years old) are not permitted in the Clubhouse and/or exercise room at any time.

How do I get the code for the front door of the Clubhouse?

The Code can be obtained by contacting Hope Key at 931-445-45218 to get the current Lock Code.  The Code is changed routinely for security.

How can my family use the swimming pool?

The swimming pool does not have life guards, so swim at your own risk. Minors under the age of 14 unaccompanied by a responsible adult (at least 18 years old) are not permitted in or around the swimming pool. The Pool Rules and Regulations are posted on the side of the Clubhouse in the pool area.

The pool is generally open from mid May through the end of September.

Individuals are responsible for keeping the pool area clean & neat.  Before leaving the pool area please dispose of any trash, straighten chairs, and close umbrellas.

Do construction plans have to be approved by the HOA?

Yes, new construction and exterior modifications to existing homes and landscaping (for example, but not limited to: fences; pools) must be approved by the Pointe at Dale Hollow Design Review Board.  Review the Design Review Guidelines and submit the appropriate Application in the Design Review Guidelines.

If you have any questions regarding this process, please contact:

Architectural Review Committee

The Pointe at Dale Hollow Property Owners Association, Inc.

c/o Woodland Capital

8230 Princeton Sq. Blvd

Jacksonville, FL  32256

Office No:  (904) 647-9304

Office Email Address:  arcthepointe@woodlandcapital.org

Can I temporarily park a vehicle in the Clubhouse parking lot?

Temporary parking at the Clubhouse parking lot is allowed if approved in advance by Hope Key 931-445-4218.  The furthest parking space from the Clubhouse entrance must be utilized, and parking is at your own risk. Temporary parking is defined as seven days or less.  Unauthorized vehicle parked in the Clubhouse Parking Lot will be towed at the Owners expense.

Can I put up a For Sale sign in my yard?

No sign, billboard or poster of any kind of a permanent nature shall be erected, exhibited maintained or placed on any lot except one sign of not more than three (3) square feet advertising the property For Sale, or signs used by builders to advertise the property during the construction and sales period.

Are fireworks allowed to be set off within the subdivision?

The discharge of fireworks of any kind from any of the common areas or on an Owners lot within Pointe of Dale Hollow is prohibited unless approved in writing by the Management Company.

What do the Covenants say about trailers and boats?

All vehicles including motorhomes, watercraft, trailers, motorcycles, scooters, trucks, all terrain vehicles, campers, buses and automobiles must be parked in garages or driveway areas and may not be parked in the grass or yard areas.  All vehicle visable from the street must be operable.  Inoperable vehicle may not be stored on the driveway.  Perking on the street is allowed for no more than 24 consecutive hours.

What do the Covenants say about animals?

No horses, cows, pigs, sheep, goats or other farm animals shall be permitted within the development.  Household pets shall be permitted to the extent, they do not become a nuisance to neighboring Owners.

Animals must be on a leash when on any of the Common Areas.

Local Phone Numbers

Clay County Sheriff                                         (931) 243-3266

Twin Lakes Telephone                               (931) 243-2121

Tri County Electric                                       (931) 243-3131

Southeast Clay Utility Water                      (931) 243-2115

TDEC Soil Testing – Calla Goins              (931) 787-2373

Clay E011 Director – Beth Moulton          (931) 243-3266

(to obtain 911 address)



Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation (Twin Lakes)

http://www.twlakes.net                    (931) 268-2151



Cable/Satellite TV:

Cable TV:

Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation (Twin Lakes)

http://www.twlakes.net                    (931) 268-2151

Direct TV:

https://www.directv.com                  (888) 777-2454

Dish Network:

https://www.dish.com                      (888) 202-2368


Internet Service Provider:

Twin Lakes Telephone Cooperative Corporation (Twin Lakes)

http://www.twlakes.net                    (931) 268-2151

Hughes Net:

https://internet.hughesnet.com      (855) 668-1990

What does the HOA base fee pay for?

Your HOA base fee pays for the following: Management company services, Entrance gates, clubhouse and pool maintenance and upkeep, common area maintenance, mowing, landscaping, upgrades, and upkeep of general amenities and common areas, maintenance and repair of the roads in the Community, association liability and property insurance, legal fees, taxes, community social events and reserve accumulation for the Clubhouse, Pool, Roads and Entrance Gates.

Sewer Service?

On-Site Sewage Disposal Systems:  Many lots in The Pointe qualify for utilization of individual, subsurface, on-site sewage disposal systems.  On-site, subsurface sewage disposal is highly regulated and The Pointe has been awarded general approval for utilization of these systems by the Tennessee Department of Environment and Conservation with the restrictions as noted on the recorded plats.  Clay County Health Department is the permitting authority regulating all sewage disposal systems in the subdivision and the Lot Owner must apply to obtain a permit for the intended system installation prior to beginning construction.

There are 179 Lots that were sold that were not approved for private on-site sewer systems.  These lots will be required to connect to the Public Utility Sewer System currently under construction. Lots that were approved for individual septic systems will be allowed to connect to the sewer system.